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Short Film Contest

In commemoration of its 60th Anniversary, CABEI launches the initiative "Ideas, Camera, Action for the future." The short film contest seeks to promote talent and creativity in the Central American region through digital products that conceive innovative solutions to the different development challenges in the region

  • The contest will award three prizes equivalent to US$6,000.00 to the best works submitted in each of three categories.

Launch of the short film contest: October 16th, 2020

Deadline to submit proposals: November 16th, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. (Central America time)

Evaluation of proposals: November 16th - 27th, 2020

Confirmation of winners: November 4th, 2020

Proposals on the following topics will be accepted:

  • Social Sustainability:
    • How do inequalities (gender, class, ethnicity and people with special abilities) manifest themselves and how can we promote their social and economic inclusion in the region during and after the pandemic?
    • How can we improve access to health and education for vulnerable populations and what measures should countries in the region implement to ensure continuity of services during COVID-19?
    • How can we promote food security in times of pandemic?
  • Environmental Sustainability:
    • What innovative and sustainable solutions can the region implement to address water supply problems?
    • How can we foster a culture of solid waste management and wastewater treatment to build more sustainable cities?
    • How can we promote the adoption of practices for the generation and use of renewable energy?
    • What are some adaptation and mitigation measures to reduce the region's vulnerability to climate change?
  • Economic reactivation post-COVID-19
    • What role does the private sector play in the economic reconstruction after COVID-19?
    • What public policies can governments implement to mitigate the pandemic's negative effects and boost economic growth?
    • What opportunities does the pandemic present to accelerate the digital transformation in our region?

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